• Robert Jinkins
    ‐Senior Tax Director, BDO USA, LLP
  • Pat Powers
    ‐Tax Partner, Baker & Mckenzie
  • Deborah Van Horn
    ‐Director of Taxes, Americas
  • Caren Briggs
    ‐Real Estate Professional, Keller Williams Realty, Inc.
  • Khalid Drina, MBA
    ‐Lead Accountant, WageWorks, Inc.
  • Eric Chalcoff
    ‐Tax Auditor, New York State Department of Taxes & Finance
  • Jack Manhire
    ‐Assistant Dean, Texas A&M University
  • John Cowan
    ‐Attorney Law Office of John Cowan
  • Moe Farhat
    ‐Web design & Development, Webinopoly
  • Brian Wilkerson
    ‐Support Specialist, CenterStone Technologies, Inc.
  • Karina Duvall
    ‐International Attorney, Law Office of Karina Duvall
  • Derrick L. Carr
    ‐Former VP Human Resources, United Commercial Bank
  • Elena Ermilova
    ‐Nurse, Various locations
  • Benny Lee
    ‐Former Vice President Information Technology, East West Bank
  • Dirk Wierema
    ‐Contoller, Zetta Inc.
  • Howard Chen
    ‐VP Corporate Development and Strategy, Bank of the West
  • Christopher Ahoy
    ‐President, Performance Management, LLC
  • Claudio Luporini
    ‐Principle, Bella Ceramica
  • Ben Valega
    ‐Senior Project Control Manager, The Newton Group, Inc.
  • Cory Barwick
    ‐Technical Product Manager, CCH, a Wolters Kluwer Business
  • Tom Farmer
    ‐Business Consultant, Thomson Reuters
  • Shiri Weiss
    ‐Tax lawyer, Lior Pick & Co. Law Office
  • Victor Celis
    ‐Senior Tax manager, JBT Corporation
  • Ahmed Sirjee
    ‐CEO, Center for Development & Competitive Strategies Ltd
  • Gary J. Stokes
    ‐Principle Consultant, Parker & Lynch
  • Yui Ren
    ‐CPA, KW&H LLP
  • Laura Marina Popovici
    ‐MS Finance Student, Webster Global School – London
  • Ben Valega
    ‐Senior Project Control Manager, The Newtron Group
  • Philip Rogacki
    ‐Director, A Plus Tree Inc.
  • Dustin Yoder
    ‐CEO, Sureify
  • Mona Sheung
    ‐Client Service Manager, FIOH Global Asset Management, LLC
  • Leigh Fabor
    ‐Operations Manager, Stonecrest Financial
  • Wesley Wakeford
    ‐Personal Injury Attorney, Wakeford & Gelini
  • Thomas Re
    ‐CloudLead Architect, Odin’s Hammer LLC
  • George Baker
    ‐Former Senior Vice President, United Commercial Bank
  • Tina Browne
    ‐Sales Associate, San Francisco Lombard
  • Raffaele Mari
    ‐Managing Director, Global Wealth Management
  • Marvin Matey
    ‐Technical Consultant – Analyst
  • Juan Carlos Villalbos
    ‐President, Aapex Financial Solutions Corporation
  • Irina Butorina M.D.
  • Christopher Miah
    ‐Partner, The Bolton Group
  • Sherry Alexander
    ‐Landscape Associate, California Dept. of Transportation
  • Carmen Sandino
    ‐Healthcare Services Specialist, Contra Costa County
  • Mike Ford
    ‐Real Estate Professional, Sole Proprietor
  • Mitchell Leong
    ‐General Agent, ING Life Insurance & Annuity Company
  • Blake E. Christian
    ‐Senior Tax Manager, PMP
  • Christopher Ahoy
    ‐CEO, Performance Management Consulting, LLC
  • Aram Megerdom, CIS
    ‐Manager Director & Chief Equity Analyst, Morelad Capital Group
  • Svitlana Dudkina
    ‐Student Nurse, Cal State East Bay
  • Jeffrey Barney
    ‐Business Strategist, PT Gaming, LLC
  • Donna Genora,
    ‐Director, MDU Resources Group, Inc.
  • Sidra Khan,
    ‐Executive Assistant, Serena Hotels
  • Mike Ford,
    ‐Retired, Former Real Estate Broker
  • Carmen Sandino,
    ‐Probation Officer, State of California
  • Jeff Kaufman,
    ‐Director, WTP Advisors
  • Victor Hugo Cells,
    ‐Director, JBT Corporation
  • Cory Barwick,
    ‐Product Manager, CCH – Wolter Kluwer Business
  • Frank Pompa,
    ‐Area Manager, The Regus Group

Why TCS?

Tax Client Services (TCS) is dedicated to helping you with all of your tax and accounting needs, including maximizing your after-tax cash flow by minimizing your tax liability.


Hello, my name is James Duffy, and I am the Managing Director at Tax Client Services. Though I was born in Seattle, Washington, I spent my youth in Hawaii, leaving this beautiful island as a young adult to go to college at the University of Santa Barbara.

Selecting a Tax Professional

When you’re looking for a talented and skillful tax professional, the one thing you absolutely need is to select someone who is well versed in tax law. Not requiring this could cost you greatly in both lost cash flow and additional stress...